First of all, I’m sorry for the sudden leave, especially to those that just recently followed. I really didn’t want to stop now but I have been updating this blog almost everyday for the past 16 months and I’m feeling so drained and tired to the point where it isn’t fun anymore.

I have been contemplating this for a long time now and I even tried to cut down on the work I do here, but I myself don’t like missing even a day of updates. And I think that drive of wanting to cover EVERYTHING that Beast released kinda became an obsession and drove me to exhaustion. I feel like I just need to take a step back and focus on other things. I just finished Uni and now I need to become an adult and make my own career instead of following Beast’s 24/7. I’m not gonna ask Janella to take over cause she is still in high school and that it too much work to put on her shoulders. 

I will leave everything here so you can use the lists and pages (I might even update those from time to time if i can’t stay away), but i’m closing the ask & submit for now.

I hope you guys understand. I’m sorry again. 


[MUSIC VIDEO] Beast & A-Pink - OH! My Baby MV for Skool Looks

[CLIP] 130103 Yoseob WINS TRIPLE CROWN @ M! Countdown | 720P HD | 1080P HD

[PERFORMANCE] 130103 Yoseob - Caffeine @ M! Countdown | 720P HD | 720P HD | 1080P HD

[MUSIC VIDEO] 130103 Hyunseung, Eunji & Namjoo - One Year Ago MV

[TEASER] 130103 Prepix ft Yoseob - When I Get Paid MV Teaser

Anonymous asked: do you know where I can watch iris 2? I know it isn't our yet but just in case ^^ maybe you have a site where I can watch it ^^

we are gonna post links when it starts airing… but you can just google something like iris korean drama eng sub as see all the numerous sites that posts korean dramas.

Anonymous asked: yoseob on m-net voice kids ep 1? any engsubs?

It hasn’t aired yet…. check back this friday evening. 

where can i find this video?





Where’s this gif from? Thanks




Sunday Night Danbi from the clothes it looks like 100131 Episode 9 
Here is the fall cut - for the whole episode you can download from B2strising HERE.