[CLIP] 121231 Doojoon Scene in Iris 2 Trailer @ KBS Drama Awards 
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Anonymous asked: hello i'm sorry to bother you but can you tell me how to add cube ent kakao talk? i can't find it on plus friend or their katalk id.. can you help me, please :(

sorry, I don’t know. Anyone know please reply here.

bitterday saidI think you can only add them if you have korean phone number

mimetisme asked: I just wanted to thank you for all the links you have us during the three gayo! It was super helpful! You're awesome THANK YOU<3333

you’re welcome… glad to help =)


These are streaming links preparing to stream MBC Gayo Daejun @ 8:50PM KST (~2 1/2 hours!) Once the show starts I will change the working streams to ON AIR!

beastvids: [INFO] 2012 KBS, SBS & MBC Gayo Daejuns →


Since I got a lot of asks about Gayo Daejun’s here everything I know.


  • 28 Dec 2012 (Fri)KBS Gayo Daejun — 8:50pm~11:55pm (KST) *AIRED*
  • 29 Dec 2012 (Sat)SBS Gayo Daejun — 8:45pm~01:15am (KST) *AIRED*
  • 31 Dec 2012 (Mon)MBC Gayo Daejun — 8:50pm~01:20am (KST) *AIRED*
- Shows may start 10~20mins earlier/later from past experience.
- I made a chart for the starting times in other countries when it’s 8:45pm in Korea. If I missed yours, sorry, you can use timezoneconverter.



***NB: This sign image is for streams that are preparing to stream now. I will add this imagesign on the working links for MBC Gayo Daejun when it’s about to begin later!****

► KPOPSTREAM now has two streaming pages: both have multiple stream tabs

► KGP now has more streams up:


NB: After problems with KBS streaming, streamers may change some links for SBS & MBC. I will update this post again or check our Gayo Daejun 2012 tag for updates or new links.

Anonymous asked: omg, honestly don't feel bad if you feel like you sound kind of rude (even though you don't).. it must be so frustrating when people ask you really obvious questions all the time and they dont bother to use any of the resources you give us. if i were you i would have gone on a rant on everybody by now -o- thanks for making everything so easy for us b2uties!! you're seriously one of my favorite blogs, my go to for everything Beast c: you're da bestttt~

hi guys…

i’ve did my own searching for this and i believe its from the kpop allstars concert but i can’t find this clip for the life of me!  help me if you can pleaseeee and THANK YOU!




gtoppingd-deactivated20130614 asked: hihi can i know where can i stream mbc gayo daejun tonite? i know you posted but sorry i lost the link )x

Open THIS POST again when the show is about to start, I will add the ON AIR sign on the working streams.

Anonymous asked: can you gimme link of yoseob on mnet open wide studio the original and the engsubbed one?

Please always check the latest video tags in the sidebar and the video tags page here. or even use the search bar… If there is no eng sub video in the show tag. we haven’t found it.

I spend so much time making it easy to find videos here…. please try to use them =(

Where is this GIF from? :)




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